Our Company: Trinity’s Vision
To serve our customers and clients by delivering construction work to the highest standards and in the safest way possible. We want our clients to come back to us time and again and to continue to delight them with the product they want for the best price and the shortest build time. We want to be a force for good in our communities helping everyone to live and work well.

Open business
Trinity has an open business policy sharing company data and figures with all its staff. All our employees are stakeholders in our business and we aim to share the rewards of our success with all.

Open and fair competition
Our principal is to treat tender bids from our suppliers and subcontractors honestly and award on merit and value. We must never give or accept a bribe to enhance opportunities of securing or placing business.

Staying safe
Construction work can be dangerous and therefore we endeavour to provide a safe workplace for all our staff, contractors, customers and clients. Health and Safety legislation is at the core of everything we do. We will provide the training and information needed to enable our staff to keep themselves and everyone else safe.

Giving something back
We support international charities by offering financial support and local charities and organisations by volunteering our time, knowledge and expertise as well as financial help.

Children and vulnerable adults must have our special attention when planning and undertaking construction work in their homes, workplaces and in public buildings.

We are aware that construction uses valuable resources and our role in this cycle is to reduce and minimise any effect our activities have on our environment. We aim to create a forward looking, sustainable and successful business.


Our People: Trinity’s Values
Trinity is its people, which is a factor that sets us apart from our competitors. The passion of our staff and our company values form the bedrock of our business. Our reputation is built on trust, that is the trust between our people, the trust we have earned from our customers and clients as well as the trust we have built up during long term relationships with our suppliers and subcontractors. Everyone at Trinity plays an important part in upholding our values and protecting our brand and reputation. It falls on us all to speak up and stand tall to ensure we always do the right thing.

Developing our people
Our people are the core of our activities and we will support them to help develop their careers. We offer additional training and access to recognised courses to enable them to achieve their goals.

Listening to staff and customers
It is important our staff feel engaged and, without hindrance, are able to express honest views and feedback to our line managers without recrimination. We value the views and opinions of our customers and where necessary we will create an action plan to make improvements across our Company.

Equal Opportunities & Human Rights
We will ensure we do not exploit anyone and that we uphold the rights of all those who work for us as well as those in the communities in which we operate.

Respect in the workplace
At Trinity we respect each other. All of us have important jobs to carry out and everyone should be able to perform their duties in a work place free from bullying and harassment

We take a proactive approach to create a positive work life balance and to promote good mental health. We have a dedicated director who staff can turn to confidentially when in need.