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About Us
Our Vision

Trinity understands our activities have an impact on the environment and are conscious we must do everything we can to minimize any negative impact. The importance of acting in an environmentally sensitive way is both a responsibility and a logical and practical strategy which will help us attract and maintain clients who share this vision..

Trinity Construction Ltd – We endeavour to ensure our suppliers and subcontractors share our environmental commitments and are suitably equipped to work with us to achieve these objectives. We assess our partners through our own approval process and encourage them to” get on board” with our initiatives.

Trinity Construction Ltd – We regularly review the products we purchase and use to find more environmentally sustainable alternatives. Our timber and plywoods are sourced from FSC approved providers. We seek to use non-oil based products with the lowest levels of VOC’s. We inform and advise our clients on innovative products and technologies helping them to reduce their carbon footprint.

We have a commitment to reduce waste on all our sites and segregate waste for re-use or recycling wherever possible. Our aim is to reduce the amount of construction waste sent to landfill sites.

Trinity work with
clients to ensure best
environmental practice.