Project: Refurbishment of Breast Screening Unit

Location: Whipps Cross Hospital London
Contract Period: 4 weeks
Value: £75,000

The Breast Screening Unit is a busy unit providing both symptomatic and breast screening services to Waltham Forest. Two new digital x-ray machines needed to be installed to replace ageing equipment, which involved alteration and refurbishment works. New changing areas were created together with mechanical, electrical and redecoration works.

Trinity were aware from the outset of working in a sensitive area of the hospital that needed to be kept operational.

Trinity worked closely with the hospital estate department to achieve a high standard of finish with minimum disruption to the unit.

“We now have a unit which has a very pleasant environment for us to work in with good temperature regulation in the rooms. The unit is easier to clean and the workflow has improved. This provides a great improvement in our service to our clients as it is also a much more pleasant and relaxing environment.
Many Thanks”

Carole Pugh – Superintendent Radiographer

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