Project: External refurbishment

Location: St Albans House and Haymarket House
Contract Period: 18 weeks
Value: £260,000

A complete external wash down and stonework refurbishment of occupied buildings, prominently positioned on the Haymarket in central London.

This very busy thoroughfare created significant safety and convenience issues for the public. The quality and positioning of scaffolding was critical and much of the cleaning had to be undertaken at off peak times.

Precise programming of washing and refurbishment work to the windows was essential, to minimise both the relocation of key staff and the impact on the general public.

On inspection of the building after washing, a large number of stone repairs were identified as being necessary to prevent further deterioration of the structure. These repairs were then prioritised and undertaken to meet agreed budgets and time frames.

These buildings which are tenanted by an internationally known fashion brand were completed with minimal inconvenience to the staff, their operations and to the public.

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