Project: Refurbishment of two large terrace properties

Location: 4-6 Seymour Place London W1
Contract Period: 52 weeks
Value: £1,000,000

The refurbishment and alteration of 4-6 Seymour Place, to create basement and ground floor contemporary office accommodation and three high quality 2 bedroom flats on the upper floors.

The project consisted of extensive demolition of the two properties, including all existing floors and roofs. To enable these works to be carried out, large scale temporary propping and structural works were required, including underpinning to the basement walls.

As the properties were located in a conservation area there were numerous planning restrictions.

4-6 Seymour Place is a large open commercial area on two floors.

The three 2 bedroom flats have a contemporary design with high quality kitchens and bathrooms.

Trinity have now secured further works with this client.

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